We make best use of a wide range of technologies to build custom web applications, client-server applications, mobile apps, community and business portals, e-commerce solutions and many more.


At Zitec we do more than just code. We try to optimize and automate our clients’ business processes, while making the best use of a wide range of technologies.
Our web development teams work with PHP’s Symfony and Laravel, ASP.NET Core, Express or Django to build complex, custom-made applications or with Magento Commerce from Adobe to implement high quality and cost-efficient solutions for customers in need of an eCommerce platform. As most modern web platforms require rich interfaces and smooth interactions, React is our go-to framework to address these needs.
Of course, mobile and multi-device applications are well represented in our portfolio. Be it a native , Swift-based iOS app, a Kotlin-based Android application or a cross-platform app written in Flutter or Universal Windows Platform, our development teams will make sure the results, as well as the process to reach them are excellent.
Behind the scenes, data storage systems fuel the applications we develop and data has taken center stage in every application. We try to select the right tool for the job and be pragmatic persistence polyglots by employing both relational databases (MySQL, SQLServer or PostgreSQL), as well as proven NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB or cloud-based unstructured storage systems (eg: blob storage, queues).
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Delivering quality has always been our strength and over the years it has helped us win important customers and build long-term partnerships.
We believe in automation and thanks to that, we think that every repeating step from our activity should be automated. To make this happen, we use a lot of cool tools, starting from the well-known ones like Behat for functional testing, TestCafe for UI regression testing or JMeter/Tsung for performance, to in-house framework for API testing or custom scripts that automate specific scenarios.
Above all, we rely on our special friend, Gitlab, which does the hard work for us: assures that every newly committed code meets our internal standards, builds and deploys the code, runs the tests, or wakes up in the middle of night to check how our code quality metrics evolve.
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We know how to play with the Clouds, whether we are talking about cloud migrations or new scalable setups built from the ground up.
We have proudly contributed to the Microsoft Azure SDK for PHP and act as a Microsoft Enterprise Level consulting partner, for Azure services. Even earlier, we have been using AWS in our software solutions since 2007. We are also proud to be a Google Cloud Partner since 2018, which proves our ability to deliver sustainable solutions for various business needs as Cloud natives.
Because we like to keep an eye on the servers, we use top-of-the-line software tools, or even custom made scripts, to make sure no glitch appears without being detected. We play a key role in the development process and team up with developers to build deployment and testing infrastructure.

We are certified in: Cisco Certified – CCNA, Associate Cloud Engineer


Customer Oriented
We simply focus on delivering value to our customers based on their business model and their objectives.

We strive to improve the development process and automate quality control, sprint after sprint.

Team and Client Relation
We create partnerships and get involved in our clients’ projects to make a positive impact. It’s in our DNA.

Continuous Improvement
As a result of our high standards of delivery and quality, we have an impressive customer retention rate. And this motivates us to keep improving ourselves.


Custom methodology based on Agile
We subscribe to the Agile manifesto and embrace it across the variety of our projects, as difficult as that sometimes can be. However, based on our partners’ needs and the particularities of each project, we’ve developed a custom approach that helps us and our clients see long-term business benefits of Agile.


We’re always looking for the next tool to help us be more efficient or drive quality improvement in our work. Some of the tools we’ve been using over the past years are tools that we’ve created based on needs that our own teams have had. And other companies have often shown interest in white label solutions. We’re talking about bug tracking platforms like JIRA or project management & 360 evaluation solutions like Zidox.

When it comes to inhouse communication, we’re all available on Hangouts, as the official chat platform, but we encourage each team to be flexible and approach other solutions such as Skype, Pidgin or other platforms that better suit their project and the client.


We’re really proud to have built the Zitec team on a flat structure and self-managing teams dedicated to important projects or various departments. Over the years, some of the colleagues who have shown passion for their work and management abilities have joined the Zibord, helping us to improve as a company and build more and more business opportunities for us and for our partners.
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When it comes to projects and dedicated teams, we pay attention to the customer’s needs and create complex teams including software & quality assurance engineers, graphic designers and front-end developers, online marketing consultants and project managers.

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