You made it! ✨

Here you are: it’s your first day in our big, lovely & always ready to have fun Zitec team. Thank you for choosing us and, once again, welcome aboard!

There are a lot of things you’ll discover these days: our team (who is already beyond excited to join forces with you), the projects we carefully craft together for our clients all over the world, #lifeatzitec’s benefits & all the extra surprises that make us a great place to work at! Little spoiler alert: projects are not the only well crafted thing at Zitec, but it’s your turn to find out what we’re talking about! 🙂

Until then, go ahead – explore all the galaxies in our not-so-little Universe & keep in mind that this is just the beginning of a challenging, but extremely rewarding adventure!

P.S: We’re counting on you to help us #makeitso!

We guess you already noticed: #lifeatzitec & #makeitso are 2 of the hashtags we use all the time! 🙂 Feel free to “steal” them in your posts, too! Talking about Zitec, whether it’s software development, digital marketing or business consultancy, one thing is for sure: we love technology and we do more than just coding.

In partnerships & delivering value to our customers we trust!

We’re always making best use of a wide range of technologies to build innovative custom apps. This is where your skills come in – you have the power to create. You have the power to improve. You have the power to change. You have the power to step up the game.

You have the power to #makeitso!

A new idea for an app, an extra mile for a project or a small detail for decorating the office? Let your voice be heard! We appreciate proactivity and initiative, we empower colleagues to strive to improve their skills through continuous development and, most of all, we trust open-minded doers, just like you!

  • Work with style and have fun while at it

  • Deliver quality and improve constantly

  • Put passion in your work and innovate the world!

Business Model & Services

If you’ve ever heard “Zitec sells software”, surprise: we don’t! 🙂 Ever since the company started, we’ve been constantly increasing our revenue by providing end to end services for our clients, from business consultancy to developing custom apps and promoting them. These help our partners optimize and automate work in order to increase their sales. Ta-daaa, magic! We mean… good work.

Why you?

That’s a simple question: because you’re awesome! And because we’re not looking for T-shaped skilled people, just like most of the companies out there do. We’re choosing whatever-shape-you-want-to-be people, who perfectly intertwine professional & soft skills. We saw your #makeitso drive & we trust you to stay passionate, curious, honest and collaborative, all while having fun, of course! 🙂

Your soon memorable firsts

Every journey needs a first step, but you’ll have lots of them in Zitec! Get ready for:

Your first wishlist sent to the Acquisition Team

We guess you’ve already checked this part, but if there’s anything more you need for your home office, let us know! We want you to feel fully equipped & ready to take the next projects to a whole new level.

P.S: Once you go #dualmonitor,
you never go back, agree?

Your first day at the office

#workfromanywhere is our new reality: whether you join a meeting from a Spanish beach or from your best friend’s home, as long as the tasks are well done, it’s totally fine! But you really have to come & see our office! Star Trek themed meeting rooms, lots of sweets in the Cafeteria, Fun Room games & tons of smiles from the colleagues while walking on the halls: everything you could’ve wished for! 😄

Your first party

We’re a good humored team, so it’s quite easy to find reasons to meet and have a drink (even virtual) after work hours.

Whenever you’re reading this, there’s a party coming very soon – be sure of it and get ready to have some serious fun!

Your first All Hands

Have you ever joined a meeting with around 120 people? Well, wait until your first All Hands! This is a twice-a-month non-formal meeting where everybody is invited. You can sign up with a subject if there’s any new idea or a project you want to start and you are looking for feedback or simply want to share some thoughts on a matter connected to the team. Afterwards, we’re either having educational moments about random, but extremely useful stuff (for example coffee, photography, sustainability & many more) or having fun with a quiz powered by our TX team. You can’t skip it!

Your first time in the hammock

If a working day ever finds you at our Zitec HQ in Bucharest, try our hammock or the escape pods – you will instantly love them! Take your time and relax, a fresh mind is always more efficient.

Your first meeting held from the saline

Talking about the office, no, you’re not dreaming and you’re not wrong either: we have a saline! So if you’re in need of a small room for a meeting, some time alone for research or for a call with a friend, you can always use the Salt Invader.

Your first “Hello” with your buddy

There will be no Mr. Miyagi following you through the office or spying on your GMail activity, but one of the colleagues will help you while onboarding and will be available whenever you have any questions about how things work around here. You’ll see that he or she will become your partner in crime around here, a FriendoMentor kind of relationship! 🙂

Your first month in Zitec

aka the time dedicated to learning about how we work. You will attend a few presentations where you will be introduced to our platforms and you’ll even take part in a great online scavenger hunt! After that, you will meet your project team and start knowing the project while getting used to Jira, Mirro & all our best friends. 😀 After this first month, there’ll be a follow-up meeting with your recruiter – please let him / her know if you have any suggestions or feedback about your onboarding.

Your first teambuilding

What happens in the team building, stays in the team building, but there are some things we can tell you! 😀 No traditional exercises allowed, only games that facilitate deeper & meaningful connections between us. And last, but not least, live concerts, good food, sunbathing, bike rides, endless parties and unforgettable memories you may have already heard about. Let the countdown for the next team building begin!

It’s all about you

These first three months will be all about YOU getting familiar with #lifeatzitec & dealing with your first tasks and OKRs. Together with your mentor, you’ll set some aspirational milestones & specific action points for reaching them: in other words, the strategic part of our adventure together. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science and there’s nothing to be afraid of: OKRs are set to bring clarity in your day-to-day activities!

3 months later, your first Performance Check-in will come. Feedback for & from the team will be revealed, the next 3 months plan will be set & everyone will leave the meeting ready to #makeitso like never before! Regularly, there’s a similar check-in for each one of our colleagues; this way we can keep up with everyone’s feedback & feelings about working together.

P.S: The satisfaction of updating your OKR progress in, our internal app brings… just priceless! 🙂
P.P.S: People centered work makes the dream work, hurraaay!

Choosing your path

Since the day we met you, it was “we want you in our team” at first sight! 🙂

Just so you know: we trust you to change the world through technology & innovation! Of course, in your own rhythm. Equip yourself with courage, proactivity, professionalism and smiles to share along the way and 3, 2, 1… GO! Explore this Zitec universe as you see it because from now on, it’s only up to you how fast, how far & how unconventional you take your career to the next level. Make turns, jump, slalom through learning opportunities, take breaks just to turn back and view how much you evolved, have fun and enjoy every step of the way.

If you ever need help to advance, just reach out to whomever feels more helpful at that moment. As many others have said it before us – when it comes to innovation, there is only one rule: there is no rule!

Say hi to our
Top Management Team!

Unlike what you might be used to or expect (well… we hope you don’t really expect things to be that way!), our Management Team is just a message or a knock-on-the-door away. You’ll find sailing, music & even mushrooms passionates among them, so an insightful business meeting can always be followed by a personal interests talk. Much more than that, don’t forget: we’re all happy to help, them included!

How we work


Dress for success

Whatever makes you comfortable and doesn’t make other colleagues uncomfortable is perfect to wear at the office. We like to keep it casual and fun, so we have a custom T-shirts collection with different themes, for some of the important moments in the past: Zitec anniversaries, team buildings, hackathons, running squad, blood donors or even department T-shirts. We can’t wait to see which one will join your wardrobe first! 😀



The official communication channel in Zitec is the e-mail client. However, if you want to contact one of the colleagues via chat, you can always drop a line on Google Chat or even call them if you need something ASAP. Of course, sometimes it’s more efficient to quickly discuss a matter face to face. You’ll figure out who prefers what communication channel – in the meantime, keep in mind that you or your team are always free to pick any platform you wish for chatting, as long as everyone agrees to it.


Scheduling meetings

Tick-tock, tick-tock: meetings don’t have to be endless to be eternal! We’re not big fans of long meetings here at Zitec, but sometimes things happen faster if you meet face to face (or screen to screen, #remotework for the win!). Just make sure everybody that gets an invitation to your meeting has a good reason to be there instead of killing their time – we don’t like that. At least not without a sea view. So, if you’re at the office, pick a room that fits your needs (depending on how many people you invite), make sure it’s free and invite your guests. Don’t host boring meetings, make them interesting and interactive. Your colleagues will appreciate it and they’ll be more interested in participating with ideas and feedback. If you’re at home, we’re pretty sure that Google Meet has enough space for you all (just in case you’re not holding a TedTalk presentation there 😂).



If you need to attend a class or have an appointment with your favorite trainer every once a week, it’s ok to show up there and leave the office even if it’s during work hours. Or maybe you had a long night out with friends – we know how confusing the next morning can get so it’s ok to come in later at the office. Just let us & know when you need a few free hours; we have a flexitime approach and we’re open to coming up with a schedule that will make you happy!


Team Meetings

Some of our colleagues enjoy learning new technologies on their own and then sharing their knowledge with the rest of the team. They organize monthly internal meetings where new programming tools, a study case, some digital marketing platform or even financial matters are discovered and… Ta-daaa: this is how magic & learning happens between our colleagues! If you feel like you also want to share some piece of knowledge with your colleagues which can’t be included in one of the already existing meetings , use one of the communication channels to find out how many of them are interested in the subject and take a survey to set a date for your big moment. You already know we are your biggest fans (we won’t wear cheerleaders costumes, but it would be fun 😂 ), so count on us: we’ll support you with everything you need to make this happen!



As we have offices in two cities in Romania – Bucharest and Brașov + a Pluria (coworking spaces app) subscription for our Iași, Cluj & Timișoara colleagues, feel free to choose where to work from. Let’s say you enjoy spending weekends in the mountains for climbing, running, skiing or snowboarding, but we all know what a deal breaker the weekend traffic to/from Brașov can be, especially in high season. Or you fancy a tasty drink in the heart of Timișoara. No problem: just make sure you let people from our Brașov HQ or Pluria know about it. And enjoy it!


Overtime & vacations

We’ve heard about this thing called overtime and it’s scarier than all the public holidays happening on the weekend 😂… and that’s extremely scary! However, if you’re experiencing symptoms that remind you of this thing called overtime, let’s talk – we don’t approve of it and we’re constantly looking for solutions against it. Now if you want to spend more time at the office to research something in your own interest or relax in one of the dedicated rooms or play or just hang out, that’s ok to do whenever you feel like it – being evenings or even weekends.

When it comes to vacations – make sure you let your coordinator and your team know in advance so that everybody can reroute for the time you’ll be out of office. If it’s for 1-2 days, you’ll figure things out pretty fast, but if we’re talking about a proper holiday – the no phone, no wifi type – please make sure everyone knows about your intentions a few weeks ahead. Rerouting + we need to make a 30 minute Jira ticket to like all your Instagram pics from the holiday: priorities are priorities!

Talking about the free days, each member of the Zitec team gets 21 free legal days each year + a free day for your birthday if it’s a weekday + one extra free day for every year you’ve been with us starting with your 1st year. So yes, welcome to the “waiting for the workiversary Mirro notification” club!

Internship aka apprenticeship

Nobody was born a master! And we don’t expect people to be one to join our team – that’s why we opened a traineeship program so anybody with basic knowledge and with a bit of passion for technology can join us and get trained on the job.

Know somebody who might be interested in this?

Get him on board – you also get a bonus for bringing in a new colleague. We guarantee he or she will have an awesome experience with us!

Perks time!

If there’s a way we can make you & the whole Zitec team have more fun and be happier, we’re in! So it happens that in time, we’ve come up with a benefits pack that makes our #lifeatzitec feel somehow… a bit out of this world. Not to mention it makes all our friends and relatives constantly ask about new positions in our team. Take a look at what we’ve got so far and if you ever get a new idea about what else would be cool to have, drop us a line!

“The basics”

Premium medical, trainings, food tickets, coaching. You know them, you’ve had them before and they’ve proven to be handy every now and then so we’ve kept the usual benefits in our pack. Everybody in our team seems to be ok with it, too. Including you, right?

Learning credits

Conferences, classes, workshops or online training – whatever can help you gain more knowledge on a topic that interests you, we support it! Each member of our team has a 100 EUR credit for each year in the Zitec team so you can benefit from continuous learning if you’re willing to. Like how that sounds? Start reloading those bookmarked sites and let’s talk about your learning credit!

Unlimited therapy sessions

We know all those Facebook quotes that say “Laughter is the best therapy” & it sometimes is, but let Oana Nicolau experts tell you this! We care a lot about our team’s mental health, so we came up with this unlimited therapy sessions opportunity that will surely help you in a lot of ways, not only professional! 🙂It’s cool to discover things about yourself, trust us!

Bookster for everyone!

A day without reading is like… just kidding, some of us don’t really know how a day without it is, that’s why we have a Bookster subscription for the Zitec team! Whether you decide to have your books delivered at our HQ or at home, reading is on us!

We put the “art” in “party”!

Talk like a pirate’s day, Sysadmins’ day, every new decade since Star Trek was launched or Halloween – if it has a dedicated date, it’s good enough to celebrate. It’s also the case for every milestone we meet as a team and, to be perfectly honest, it’s enough to be in the mood for a late evening at the office to plug in a turntable, put some beer in the fridge and get the party started. You’ll find out about the next thing via the communication channels – there’s probably someone organizing one as you read this, stay tuned or… don’t stay, prepare to rock the dancefloor! 😂

Recommend #someonelikeus

As Adele says in her song “Nevermind I’ll find someone like you”, we want YOU to find that person! Just imagine: you’ll work with someone you already know and enjoy collaborating with + you’ll be a bit richer… with up to 2000 EUR, to be more specific. 😀

If this sounds like a deal, check the careers page and recommend us a friend. They get the job and you get the dough. And it doesn’t even matter where your friend is from!

Do you have hobbies? We have tons of them!

Hobbies, like the passion for technology, are a serious business treated accordingly in Zitec. We take great pride in our team members for working for what they enjoy & we even have dedicated groups for the activities we enjoy most! Pick one and join us or why not: be a trendsetter and create a new gang!

  • Running Squad

    The Zitec Running Squad is probably the first and most serious of them all: they seem to find some kind of satisfaction in this running thing so they train hard and party just as much after they win a competition. They also have cool T-shirts and it’s known for people to start training and join the squad just to get their hands on one of them!

  • Mountain lovers

    When you say “mountain lovers”, we say Zitec: mountain lovers, Zitec, mountain lovers, Zitec! 😂 Team weekend getaways are one of the most appreciated activities around here. A not so hard trail, great views, good jokes and a cold beer by the bonfire afterwards: what could you wish more? Besides joining them next time, of course…

  • Football & Tennis Evenings

    Football is usually on Tuesdays. So is Tennis. So either you take turns or you take a pledge to burn calories every week in one of the teams. Nota bene: having fun is as important as scoring goals or winning sets, so keep calm and bring your jokes on!

  • Artsy People

    Some of the cool stuff in our office is hand made by our team members – we can provide you with all kind of tools and resources, you just have to come up with an idea. Want to build a watch, design a new table or paint something for the walls? Go join the FB Workplace dedicated group and tell us how we can help you get things started.

  • ZiBand

    When you love something bad enough, you find a way to make it so! In other words, meet ZiBand, our own cover songs band, founded in 2014 by Vlad Stefanescu and Ionuț Cociaș. The band had its very first public concert in a public pub in Bucharest in 2016 and they have big plans for the future. With a bit of luck, you’ll hear them soon for an internal event or at an office party. Listen to some of their hits here

  • Sailing

    By this we don’t mean we like going to the sea, visiting the port & that’s it: we literally compete in sailing Regattas & let ourselves be guided by the wind. Sometimes we arrive in Balchik, sometimes in Greece, sometimes in Mangalia with some of our clients, too! That’s the beauty of sailing & we can’t wait for you to join the crew. You’ll also get a free theoretical sailing course + a discount for the actual sailing school, just let us know you want to enroll!


Zitec Teambuilding

Every year, around mid June, we all embark in 2/3/4 buses & drive to our teambuilding destination. This means 2-4 days having fun, partying, celebrating Zitec’s anniversary and having some more fun!

We don’t believe in corporate traditional exercises and we’ve even started to organize our own teambuildings, but we do support team escapes where you get to interact with somebody you don’t usually work with on a daily basis. Some of the most fun memories we have together as a team are from these teambuildings that each year get more exotic. Ask somebody about the most recent one and start the countdown til your first teambuilding – we assure you it will be what you’ve always dreamed of. And a bit more!


Zitec Teambuilding

You know the hackathon events big companies host every now and then in big cities to recruit people? Well, we have our own, just for our team members and the only purpose is to have fun! It started as a 24 hours event and now it has become a 2 days programming and partying marathon.

We mix hacking sessions with fun, artistic moments and cocktail parties and change the theme every year so it stays interesting even for colleagues who’ve participated the year before. So if you’re into helium talking contests, henna tattoos, live concerts or stand up comedy at the office early in the morning, join a team for the next ZiHack. There are awards and rewards included, too!


Zitec Teambuilding

Four times a year, our Zitec HQ turns into a blood donation center. Through our national campaign, #cei1024, more than 17000 lives were saved & 2600l of blood were donated! How cool is this?! And wait, there’s more: some of the well known companies joined forces with us, companies such as UniCredit, Decathlon, Orange, Bolt & many more.

So yes, not all superheroes wear capes, some of them wear the strong desire to change people’s narratives in a good way! We hope you’ll be one of the #cei1024 group soon.

White Rabbit Beer

Do you remember we told you at the very beginning that there’s another thing well crafted Zitec has? Well, meet our White Rabbit Beer: 1000l in limited edition for every annual batch in 4pack. If you didn’t get one yet, don’t despair, there’s always a new White Rabbit version batch on the way!


Last, but not least, don’t forget that…

We want you to feel good here, to have the feeling that you are among people who all have the same purpose: to #makeitso and have fun while at it! So it’s ok for you to make mistakes, ask things when you don’t understand or say “no” if something is not your cup of tea. And there’s more!

  • 1. Ask questions – why and why not
  • 2. Say “I don’t understand”
  • 3. Be quiet
  • 4. Be loud – joke and laugh
  • 5. Ask for help
  • 6. Forget names
  • 7. Make mistakes
  • 8. Go to the Mall for lunch
  • 9. Confuse the meeting rooms
  • 10. Have a snack at your desk
  • 11. Take a break in the hammock
  • 12. Say “hi” to the TX department every time you’re passing by
  • 13. Ask about other projects you are not involved in
  • 14. Say “yes” if somebody asks for your help
  • 15. Say “no” if you’re too busy
  • 16. Give advice
  • 17. Depend on your team
  • 18. Not know everything
  • 19. Welcome newcomers
  • 20. Say “hi” in the hall way
  • 21. Offer feedback
  • 22. Ask for more clarity
  • 23. Not check your email when you are OOF
  • 24. Challenge things you’re not comfortable with
  • 25. Enjoy our parties
  • 26. Not enjoy all parties
  • 27. Talk to everybody
  • 28. Put your headphones on
  • 29. Walk over and ask the CEO face-to-face
  • 30. Say “yes“ when your colleagues go out for drinks
  • 31. Ask the management to fix it
  • 32. Have days off
  • 33. Have toys on your desk
  • 34. Send a funny meme to your colleagues

That’s it!

Go make some cool stuff,
make new friends and rock on!