Performance marketing is about hard facts, real sales and valuable leads, but it’s also about communication and continuous improvement.



    It’s about understanding exactly what ranking factors you can influence and how to do that. Be one step ahead of your competition and drive relevant organic traffic to your website.


    Increase your sales significantly just by targeting the right audiences so that your potential clients find you when they look for services like yours. Permanent optimization makes campaign performance higher.

    Email Marketing

    Dedicate various types of content to segmented audiences to increase user retention and grow website conversion rate. Target your subscribers with personal messages to keep them interested in your services.

    Social Media

    Encourage different types of public to follow you and interact with your brand in order to create a connection. Build a community around your brand, listen to your fans and let them be your brand’s ambassadors.

    Web Analytics

    Customize your Google Analytics data to have a clear view of your traffic behaviour. Track all your actions and measure the performance indicators so you can achieve your business objectives.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Keep a close eye on your traffic behaviour and test different approaches while continuously improving your top landing pages and conversion funnels.

Here is how we do things

Online Marketing focused on Performance / Performance marketing is first and foremost about the strategy of integrating all the channels into one successful results oriented long-term business plan. Only by analyzing the market context and implementing a customized online marketing strategy can you drive constant sales. And by monitoring our actions and analyzing our results we can adjust your marketing plan and constantly increase your revenue.

This is why we enjoy our work

Where passion meets technology / A results oriented online marketing strategy comes along with great requirements both creatively and technically speaking. This is why when it comes to implementing challenging projects and customized campaigns for our clients, we’re proud to be fully supported by an inhouse team of experienced and passionate senior web designers and development engineers.

Performance marketing is more than creating campaigns. Here, at Zitec, we analyze potential and business opportunity, we create customized strategies and implement challenging projects to drive real sales.